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Get to Know Me

My name is Alexis. I am a 16 year old Crazy Yankee obsessed Jersey Girl. For starters this is what I look like:

I watch the Yankees every night during the season. I didn’t want to put this in my description because I want you guys to be able to see my other pages. So obviously I made this because I love the Yankees. Mariano Rivera is my favorite player. I am a softball pitcher who is completely inspired by him. 42 is my lucky number.

This is my Necklace that I wear every single day.

I also love David Robertson.  He is soooooo good looking. You have to agree. He is one hell of a pitcher too. He is an all around great guy with his charity called High Socks for Hope! I do own a shirt. I met him on September 3 2011 and He was super nice.

I also LOVE Nick Swisher. He has one of the best personalities on the team. He is hilarious! Whenever I go to the game, I always sit in right field so I could be part of Swish’s bleacher creatures. Well, I get the actual seats, front row right field. We always get saluted.  My friend Chloe is in love with him. When we went to a game she showed him a poster she made for him and he gave her a ball. This is Nick coming up to my camera 2 seconds before that.

I also have a love for Mark Teixeira. He is also incredibly good looking and an awesome player. I made him a poster the day my friend got a ball from Swish and he waved and pointed to me when he saw it. DEAD.

My 5th favorite is the one and only Jorge Posada. He is such a great guy and Obviously by my page I have so many posts of him. Whether he is on the team this season of not he will always be one of my favorite Yankees. I am crushed that he is leaving, but happy for him that he is continuing what he loves. Playing Baseball.

Although those are my 5 favorites, I love everybody on the team. They all bring something to the plate, no pun intended. They are all amazing in their own way. No other team has players like the Bronx Bombers. I love them all I don’t know what I’d do without them.